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Wiring Accessories & Other Parts

10pk Water Resistant Wire Connector

Crimp style for 16-24g wire.  Water resistant and holds very tight.

Arctic Silver Alumina Epoxy

Extra strong thermal epoxy for attaching leds to heatsinks.  5g tube

20" Thermal Tape

20" of thermal tape for attaching leds to heatsinks.  Processor grade for great conductivity.

Male and Female Water Resistant Clip Connector

You will get the male and female ends.  These are used to quickly clip two wires together and are water resistant.  5.5" of wire on each side.

12v Power Supply for Fans

Can be used for fans or moonlighting.  1a rating. 

22g Stranded Single Conductor Wire

Price is per foot. 

22g Two Conductor Shielded Wire

Stranded, price is per foot.